Disclosure and Disclaimer Regarding Services

Terms & Conditions Anxiety Recovery School

Bonita Ackerman du Preez of The Anxiety Recovery School has taken due care and attention with the information provided within these courses and products and information is given in good faith. The information given is not intended to constitute medical advice. Always consult a General Practitioner (GP) or primary health care provider before changing medications and evaluating treatment alternatives.

People with epilepsy or any person diagnosed as having a psychotic illness should not receive Brainspotting, IEMT or EMDR techniques. Bonita Ackerman du Preez of The Anxiety Recovery School accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any liability for any special or consequential damages in any way, now or in the future, that results from the use of, or the inability to receive Brainspotting, EMDR or IEMT or any other therapies used within these programmes. The information, techniques, methods and recommendations by Bonita Ackerman du Preez of The Anxiety Recovery School, are not intended to substitute the diagnosis and a care of a qualified doctor, GP nor to encourage the treatment of illness by persons not recognisably qualified.

If a person uses Brainspotting, EMDR or IEMT and are receiving medical care for any condition, then it is strongly recommended that no adjustments are made to any prescribed medication without the approval of a doctor. If in any doubt, that person should seek medical advice.

Bonita Ackerman du Preez of The Anxiety Recovery School does not accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or expense resulting from the use of information provided on the courses, treatments or programmes. You agree to indemnify against any liability upon purchase of the course.

Bonita Ackerman du Preez of The Anxiety Recovery School is not a medical practitioner. These services are not intended to replace medical treatment and the provider does not offer the services or treatment of a licensed physician, clinical psychologist or psychiatrist. The provider is not licensed to practice psychology, and does not claim to offer any psychological benefits, or psychometrist (or any form of psychometrics) or psychometry services.

Bonita Ackerman du Preez of The Anxiety Recovery School, as the provider disclaims all statements, representations, warranties, agreements or promises regarding the use or benefits of the services, whether made by provider, its clients, employees, agents, or contractors. Participating in these courses, treatments or programmes does not guarantee success. The provider makes no representation or guarantee through a client’s participation in the services.  All information on the provider website or included in statements, testimonials or materials made or distributed by or on behalf of provider are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be relied on by client or to constitute a representation of the effects or benefits of the services.

Assumption of Risk, Release of Liability, and Agreement to Arbitrate


Please read the following carefully. By purchasing the courses or products you are relinquishing certain legal rights.

By purchasing the course, you further represent that you have read and understood and agree to the following:

I freely and voluntarily choose to participate in the programme provided by provider. My participation may include unknown negative reactions. I accept any and all risks for any adverse reactions that I may have. I understand that participants with certain health conditions such as epilepsy and psychosis are not recommended to participate in the programme.

I HEREBY ASSUME ALL SUCH RISKS associated with the programme, known or unknown, including without limitation injury, illness, death, and/or other adverse reactions. I am aware of such risks associated with the programme, including my own physical condition and the actions or conduct of others that I may come into contact with after participating in the programme. I understand that by participating in the programme, I may experience emotional personal memories.

ASSUMING ALL SUCH RISKS, I HEREBY RELEASE, WAIVE ANY AND ALL CLAIMS AGAINST, WILL NOT SUE AND WILL HOLD WITHOUT LIABILITY, the provider from all actions, omissions, causes of action, suits, debts, damages, losses, judgments, injuries, liabilities, and claims and demands whatsoever, in law or in equity (collectively, “Claims”), including without limitation personal injury and death, emotional distress, indirect damages, consequential damages or exemplary damages, even though such claims may be caused by or result from the negligence or carelessness of such released parties.

I agree that this waiver and release binds me and my heirs, distributees, guardians, legal representatives, successors and assigns. Further, I agree to indemnify, protect, defend and hold without any liability the provider, its owners, members, managers, officers, employees, agents and representatives, from and against all claims arising from or in connection to my involvement or participation in the services offered by provider.

Once payment has been made, there are no refunds and there is acceptance from the client/customer that this course is with a no refund policy. Our ‘On Demand’ courses are instant access so the whole course content is available, therefore it would not be appropriate to offer refunds in these circumstances. To provide additional help, The Anxiety Recovery School prepares for ongoing support outside of the hours of service for people on the programme. 

If an individual is on a payment plan, they accept that payments must be made on time and that cancellation of the payment plan is not permitted. Discretionary requests can be made for payment options to Bonita Ackerman du Preez for approval with a legitimate reason as to why. Should payment not be made in a timely fashion, this will be pursued externally by law and may result in legal action.

By purchasing the programme, as the “Client”, I accept the foregoing disclosure, disclaimer, assumption of risk and waiver, and I represent and warrant for the provider’s reliance, and agree, as material consideration without which provider would not provide the services, that:


(2) all of my questions have been answered to my full satisfaction; 

(3) I am not relying on any statement, representation or warranty, agreement or promise by or on behalf of the provider that is not expressly set forth in writing signed by provider; 

(4) I am aware that this is an assumption of risk, release of liability and agreement to arbitrate and that I am giving up legal rights; and 

(5) I have purchased the course of my own free will and understand my obligation to pay whether in full or by payment plan 

I have read and agree to the provisions stated above for myself, the Client. I agree to indemnify, protect, defend and hold without liability the provider, its owners, members, managers, officers, employees, agents and representatives, of all liabilities, claims, losses, damage or injury to person or property which may occur or be incident to Client’s involvement or participation in the services offered by provider.

This course is non-refundable and once purchased, understand that there is a no refund policy. If a payment plan is undertaken, the client will undertake to satisfy all payments and may be subject to legal action should the payments not be met.

The provider reserves the right to end the programme for the client at any stage if in breach of rules of the programme, including messaging other members without permission.

All property within the programme is subject to Intellectual Property law and cannot be shared with others both on and offline and a breach of this will constitute legal action.

Lifetime access to the programme constitutes lifetime of The Anxiety Recovery School as a business entity and company and can be stopped at any time if the company is no longer trading without prejudice.