My name is Bonita Ackerman du Preez, Founder of The Anxiety Recovery School. I’m a master trauma recovery therapist, trainer and coach specialising in anxiety, stress, PTSD, grief recovery, fears, phobia, confidence and resilience.

I have walked the path you find yourself on right now, which is why I’m so passionate about bringing these tips, techniques and strategies to you in a way that helps you to live your life on your terms. 

My Story

I had two big personal trauma events that impacted me on my journey. The first when my marriage ended rather suddenly. I found myself very anxious and with nowhere to turn. I had tried numerous self-help strategies to no avail. I couldn’t face going out, my inner critic was running wild and I was becoming increasingly paranoid thinking that everyone was talking about me. My confidence was rock bottom and I never knew how I would ever feel whole again or like I belonged. All of this made me snappy and irritable! 


Thankfully, I have some fantastic friends and one of them introduced me to a great Therapist who helped me work through the trauma of what had happened and how to manage my own anxiety spiral. The transformation was so profound that it inspired me into a career change.

This leads me to my second big personal life trauma - leaving my teaching career. Anxiety grabbed hold of me again. I felt like every day was mundane, I found myself demotivated and irritable with my colleagues and pupils. I wasn’t sleeping and I was frustrated as I couldn’t understand what was ‘wrong’ with me.

Thankfully this time I was able to implement the strategies I’d learnt from my therapist and sought help a lot quicker than before. It was at this point that I knew I had to help people move on with their lives, recover from past trauma and crack their anxiety into touch.

My Mission

I am obsessed with how trauma impacts the brain, mind and body and I use the latest and groundbreaking therapies - EMDR, IEMT, Brainspotting, Kinetic Shift, Rewind Therapy, NLP, FLASH EMDR, Quick Induction Hypnosis and Personal Performance Coaching. I work at achieving transformational change and post traumatic growth.

I help my clients overcome trauma, anxiety and stress caused by personal and professional issues. Clients work with me when they become completely overwhelmed by life’s pressures, experienced difficult relationship and family dynamics, low self-esteem, complex work environments, accident recovery, grief recovery, sexual, physical or emotional abuse or complete loss of confidence.

I don’t want anyone to feel stuck in their own anxiety spiral, which is why I set up The Anxiety Recovery School. It’s my mission to empower everyone who has or is suffering from any form of anxiety with the tools to transform the way they live their lives.

So, I’m glad you are here, and my heart-felt invitation to you is to know that if you are suffering from the anxiety that there is a way out. Get in touch.

Work With Me!